PORTAL 2 - Animatronic Wheatley

A fully controllable, robotic version of the humorous sphere from the PORTAL series. Including some fancy voice recognition.
Currently a work-in-progress.


Majora's Mask - Wooden Replica

My personal version of a realistic looking replica of the famous Majora’s Mask, known from the same named Zelda title released for the N64 back in 2000.
Carefully hand crafted from a single block of bass wood.


HALF-LIFE ² - Gravity Gun

This is my attempt at building a realistic looking replica of the famous
“Zero Energy Point Field Manipulator”, better known as the Gravity Gun from the Half-Life universe. Although the Xen-Crystals seem to operate pretty fine the anti-gravity stuff certainly doesn’t work for some reason…


hey there!

Great you found your way to my little corner on the internet.
My name’s Mario Mayer and I create various replicas and props from video games. Don’t want to overwhelm visitors with loads of text here but feel free to hit that “About” link if you’re fancy reading a little bit more about me.

Scrolling down should get you through my portoflio as does a click on “Work” in the menu bar up there.

Now go check out my stuff and hit me up if you have any questions! : )

about me

Just a few little words for the ones of you being interested in who I am!

My name is Mario Mayer and I love and live for being creative in any kind of manner.
Very early as a kid I started drawing all of my favourite Nintendo heroes, figures and monsters in all different kind of scenarios which set the foundation stone for the life I’m living right now.
That specific urge, going out to be inspired and finally come up with an idea you’re so passionate about, everything around you seems secondary. And this very feeling led me through all kinds and forms of creativity and gave me the chance to enjoy the relaxing nature this hobby brings with it.

During my life or more specifically the last years I came across drawing, 3D modelling, photography and post processing techniques, casemodding and metal work in particular and my newest hobby: wood working 😀
And so, with a huge block of wood and a lot of patience and passion I’ve completed my greatest work so far – a wooden replica of the famous Majora’s Mask!

Gravity Gun

This my replica of the famous Gravity Gun.

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