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Great you found your way to my little corner on the internet.
My name’s Mario Mayer and I create various replicas and props from video games. Don’t want to overwhelm visitors with loads of text here but feel free to hit that “About” link if you’re fancy reading a little bit more about me.

Scrolling down should get you through my portoflio as does a click on “Work” in the menu bar up there.

Now go check out my stuff and hit me up if you have any questions! : )

PORTAL 2 - Animatronic Wheatley

A fully controllable, robotic version of the humorous sphere from the PORTAL series. Including some fancy voice recognition.
Currently a work-in-progress.


HALF-LIFE ² - Gravity Gun

This is my attempt at building a realistic looking replica of the famous
“Zero Energy Point Field Manipulator”, better known as the Gravity Gun from the Half-Life universe. Although the Xen-Crystals seem to operate pretty fine the anti-gravity stuff certainly doesn’t work for some reason…


Majora's Mask - Wooden Replica

My personal version of a realistic looking replica of the famous Majora’s Mask, known from the same named Zelda title released for the N64 back in 2000.
Carefully hand crafted from a single block of bass wood.